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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Vision and Values

High achievement for all is our shared responsibility.


Our vision is for Denbigh High School to sustain recognition as an outstanding school that demonstrates excellence in academic achievements and personal endeavour. We will ensure our students are empowered with purpose and direction to become positive influencers on the local, national and global stage. We promise to do whatever it takes to ensure that every student leaves Denbigh as happy, respectful and creative young adults with an enthusiasm and thirst for their next chapter in life.
We demonstrate this by:
  • Cultivating the highest standards of teaching and learning
  • Setting and modelling high expectations within all aspects of school life
  • Ensuring that our staff and leaders display a tenacious and relentless pursuit of very best practice within education
  • Maintaining a spirit of constructive self-criticism, regularly considering improvements to existing practice
  • Focusing on the individual and personalising support and provision in the most inclusive and optimal way possible
  • Developing digitally literate students and staff who are able to make full use of the educational opportunities presented by modern technology
  • Nurturing students to be competitive, curious, happy, global citizens – prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century – forward thinking whilst cherishing heritage and traditional core values of respect, tolerance and kindness
  • Working in strong and transparent partnership with parents, carers and families
  • Promoting aspiration and ambition from students and staff alike
  • Sharing skills and practices to contribute to the improvement of other schools
Our core value statement ‘High achievement for all is our shared responsibility’ reflects our firm belief that we must all work together and support one another as a teaching and learning community so that collectively we are able to achieve the highest standards in all that we do.