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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Denbigh High School is determined that every student will learn to read well, regardless of their background, needs or abilities. We develop students’ confidence, fluency and enjoyment of reading through a broad and coherent reading strategy across the school. Our aim is that all students, including the weakest readers, make sufficient progress to meet or exceed age-related expectations, whilst developing a love of reading. Reading gives students access to the curriculum and is fundamental to their educational success and life opportunities. Our approach fosters an enjoyment of reading and enables students to develop their skills and foundational knowledge for reading and their understanding of vocabulary, alongside their self-regulation. This will contribute to even better progress and achievement for all students and unlock the doors to better life chances. Our reading strategy has a number of spines which bring a holistic approach to reading at Denbigh.


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