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Production studies is an innovative and enriching creative subject, offered to all students at Key Stage 3. With an intent to develop digitally literate, resilient, collaborative learners, Production Studies exists to offer the core foundational knowledge in Design Technology, Business Studies, Engineering, Digital Media, Music and Art, as set out in the National Curriculum, and developed through a series of creative practical projects. 

This bespoke course is designed to challenge students both academically and creatively and is tailored to the needs of our cohort at Denbigh High School. We encourage students to leave their comfort zones, to become critical thinkers, collaborators and excellent communicators who are equipped to enter a 21st century workplace by exploring a variety of media forms and perspectives. 

Our projects explore the local, national and global communities for which we are all a part, taking students beyond the scope of the national curriculum through effective upskilling. The curriculum aims to bridge the gap between KS2 and KS3, whilst developing a robust foundation of transferable skills, language and knowledge to support students in KS4. 

The course provides opportunities and experiences for pupils to develop deeper ‘character’ in a modern British society, with a focus on personal development,  online safety, vocational opportunities and a reflective outlook on Denbigh High School’s values of respect, honesty, resilience, tolerance, independence and confidence, and how this impacts students’ education and progress. 

With a consistent drive to challenge and engage pupils of all abilities, Production Studies uses a variety of industry-standard technologies to expand the digital, numerical and literacy skills of our learners, These include: Adobe Photoshop, Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, Logic Pro and audio-visual production and editing suites. Students are assessed on their ability to transfer theoretical knowledge into a series of projects, including: Marketing, Digital Advertising, Journalism, Architectural Design, 3D Drawing, Music Composition and Film Production. 

Production Studies offers opportunities for students to develop transferable skills in preparation for KS4, such as independent research, planning and collaborative practice. Students are encouraged to become autodidacts, reading widely around the topics that they enjoy. We aim to instil a love of learning. The Production Studies curriculum is sequenced with an accumulative approach to knowledge acquisition, with core skills of analysis, research, production planning and language development addressed with each subsequent project, addressing misconceptions and capitalising on cross-curricular opportunities.


Make each day your masterpiece. John Wooden

Key Stage 3

Literacy in Production Studies